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        Spingdesign was founded in Beijing,and set up south headquarters in Xiamen in 2009.Through coordination of the North and South resource,spingdesign aims at China's leading industrial design and brand service providers, we provide our clients with high quality products and the overall solution of brand design services. 

       As an international high standards professional design company,spingdesign owns an experienced, passionate and creative team of elite designers,and won the Red Dot, iF, Red Star, CIDF, Cottontree prizes.We focus on product design combined with the brand planning,and carry out product design and development from the perspective of brand and market.To make the products serialized and personalized,we define the product style at the beginning of our design process,this allows the products form a unique design characteristics,and ensure a sustainable development of product image and corporate culture of our clients.

        Spingdesign constantly do innovative practice,our professional experience will provide overall collaborative development services with good quality and reasonable price.With our expertise we maximize the value of the products mostly, improve the competitiveness of enterprises,and grow with our clients.

        Spingdesign views integrity as the power of survive.we are ready to provide you with the best quality and most refined service.Welcome to contact us any time, you will have unexpected discovery and harvest.

       Spingdesign advocates designers' culture,we are a group of young, human-oriented management company, a vibrant and passionate community, our environment is elegant, convenient, relaxed and harmonious.